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248 pages
Product Description
Introspective and poignant, <i>The Wine of Solitude</i> is the most autobiographical of all of the novels from the celebrated author of <i>Suite Française</i>.<br> <br>Beginning in a fictionalized Kiev, <i>The Wine of Solitude</i> follows the Karol family through the Great War and the Russian Revolution, as the young Hélène grows from a dreamy, unhappy child into a strongwilled young woman. From the hot Kiev summers to the cruel winters of St Petersburg and eventually to springtime in Paris, the would-be writer Hélène blossoms, despite her mother’s neglect, into a clear-eyed observer of the life around her. Here is a powerful tale of disillusionment — the story of an upbringing that produces a young woman as hard as a diamond, prepared to wreak a shattering revenge on her mother.<br><br>A Vintage Paperback Original