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W. W. Norton & Company
112 pages
Product Description
<p><strong>2012 Poetry Midwest Booksellers Choice Award winner<br /><br /> "[Todd Boss] can make any rhyme feel like a concealed weapon." —Sherman Alexie</strong></p> With poems about loss, home, marriage, and the inner music of our lives, <em>Pitch</em> is a series of variations on an overturned piano. By turns bright and dark like the keys on a keyboard, these poems demonstrate the range of one of contemporary poetry’s most musical poets, a master of internal rhyme. <p><em>from “Overtures on an Overturned Piano”<br /> . . . our hi-beams<br /> played<br /> across the gleaming bed<br /> of snowdrifted bramble<br /> where it lay,<br /> moaning chaotically . . .</em></p>