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International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
256 pages
Product Description
<p><b>When <i>Coyote</i> and its skipper, Mike Plant, went missing mid-Atlantic in November 1992, the sailing world held its breath. Now, twenty years later, the story around the mystery, tragedy, and enigma is told at last</b></p> <p>"[Plant] is as close as yachting gets to a James Dean character, going his own way, in his own time, but always with an eye to the sea."<br><b>--Barbara Lloyd, <i>New York Times</i></b></p> <p>“<i>Coyote</i> is one of the best sailing books of the year.”<br><b>--<i>Sailing Magazine</i></b></p> <p>Mike Plant came to ocean racing late; as an American in a sport dominated by European sailors he was an underdog. And yet he won his class in the 1986-87 Around Alone 24,000-mile race, beating competitors with more experience, among them Hal Roth. Plant led an adrenaline-fueled life, full of seemingly suicidal adventures and yet his charismatic personality attracted hundreds of friends.</p> <p>Told in the style of <i>Into the Wild</i>, <i>Coyote Lost at Sea</i> transcends the sailing story and explores the intimate details of Plant's intense personality, upbringing, and experiences that created the fiercely original character of Mike Plant. It explores the events and circumstances leading to Plant's phenomenal success as a singlehanded ocean-racer, as well as the factors contributing to the failure of his high-tech and controversial boat, <i>Coyote</i>.</p>