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Viking Adult
240 pages
Product Description
<DIV><b>The Pulitzer Prize–winning author examines the cardinal failing of Washington’s war on terror </b><br><br> This book distills eleven years of expert reporting for <i>The New York Times</i>, Reuters, and <i>The Atlantic Monthly</i> into a clarion call for change. An incisive look at the evolving nature of war, Rohde exposes how a dysfunctional Washington squandered billions on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, neglected its true allies in the war on terror and failed to employ its most potent nonmilitary weapons: American consumerism, technology, and investment. Rohde then surveys post-Arab Spring Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt, and finds a yearning for American technology, trade, and education. He argues that only Muslim moderates, not Americans, can eradicate militancy. For readers of Steve Coll, Tom Ricks, and Ahmed Rashid, <i>Beyond War</i> shows how the failed American effort to back moderate Muslims since 9/11 can be salvaged.<br><br><br></div>